Stormwater & Flushing

Poor drainage and stormwater management can lead to unnecessary environmental health issues and flood damage. ECE’s team of professional engineers and scientists has demonstrated experience in stormwater runoff management, flood control, and water quality improvements. From small-scale, single residential sites to larger subdivision/resort development sites, ECE integrates functional stormwater and drainage improvement designs with best management practices, demonstrating environmental stewardship. We are well versed in the latest numerical modeling and design techniques for system flushing and hydraulics analysis, hydraulic structure analysis and design, and water quality.

County Beach Road Drainage Improvements & Gulf Discharge Pipeline

Recognized by the local municipality for our creative problem solving and strong permitting expertise, ECE was selected to develop a plan and design to resolve  the County’s flooding problem at a nationally ranked ‘Best Beach in US’ (2012).  ECE developed a unique design that utilized a specialized water quality treatment system, nearshore directional drilling and a diffuser system creatively combining new and existing technologies to solve a chronic flooding problem.  Providing coastal and civil engineering services from planning through construction, this prototype stormwater system is expected to be complete in late 2013.

City Of Venice Gulf Discharge Pipelines

A stormwater management and treatment system was developed consisting of new pipelines to re-route existing beach stormwater to a nearshore water location (water depths of 18 ft) approximately 1,000 ft into the Gulf of Mexico.  The Project was designed to eliminate flooding problems due to obstruction of existing beach outfalls from sand build up with results in periodic water quality violations along Venice’s beaches.  The gulf discharge pipelines and treatment systems were designed as part of their future planning. 

Flamingo Ditch Drainage Improvements

Water quality testing historically showed high levels of fecal coliform and enterococci in the stormwater pond.  In addition, nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient loads historically resulted in frequent algae blooms within the pond.  The Project, constructed in 2013, resulted in the removal of 8,500 CY of fine sediment, creation of a sediment sump to trap sediment entering the pond, installation of a pond aeration system, and removal of exotic vegetation along the shoreline.  In addition, the shoreline banks were stabilized using a system of biodegradable geomats and native vegetation. 

Fortis TCI Ltd. Site Drainage Improvements

The ECE team designed and permitted drainage improvements for stormwater management, retention and treatment for a Power Plant servicing the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  In addition, two operational guides were prepared:  a Best Management Practices Guide and an Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness Plan for the facility.  ECE conducted multiple training workshops with the Plant’s staff based upon these operational guides. 

Deertown Gully Drainage Improvements

The Deertown Gully outfall discharges directly to the Gulf once the water surface within the channel builds to a sufficient elevation to overtop the beach.  Deertown Gully is characterized by steep, sandy banks along its southern boundary resulting in downed trees and debris vegetation during high flow events through the channel.  ECE developed a long range plan for the use of a gulf discharge pipeline to re-route and treat the stormwater.  As an interim measure, ECE design and permitted the excavation of fine sediment (organics/muck) as well as the removal of exotic vegetation lining the channel.  The interim work was completed in 2013.

Salt Cay Channel Flushing Analysis

The ECE conducted site investigations to document the existing conditions (channel geometry, localized debris build-up and sediment deposits) four existing flushing channels which connect interior salinas to the ocean on Salt Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Means to improve flushing were designed and presented to restore adequate flushing and stormwater management to support a 1,500 acre resort development.

Private Developer, St Lucia Drainage Design

To support a 132 acre resort development, a design to improve drainage and stormwater was prepared which maximized the area of usable land for development.  As a result of the design, 23 acres of previously wet and flood prone land was recovered for upland development.   Additional work to support the resort development included wetland mapping and conservation as well as the creation of a recreational beach.

Turtle Tail Water Flushing Analysis and Culvert Design

ECE designed and permitted a flushing channel and culvert/flap gate system to facilitate flushing and water circulation within a 9-acre boat basin.  The flushing channel and culvert were constructed in 2008, after which, ECE performed a post-construction site investigation for the purpose of measuring and evaluating the flow rates and actual flushing time for the constructed channel and basin.  Calculations documented that the actual flushing exceeded predictions.

Single-Family Residential Stormwater and Drainage Improvements

ECE has designed and permitted multiple stormwater and drainage system improvements for residential properties to alleviate flooding.