Residential Development

ECE’s team of professional engineers, geologists and scientists has extensive experience in design and permitting to support residential and commercial development in the coastal environment.  These services include Coastal Construction Control Line Permitting (CCCL), Storm Erosion Modeling, FEMA Flood Zone Re-Designation, Stormwater and Drainage Improvements, Dune Restoration and Expert Witness Testimony.

Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) Permitting

The ECE team as procured more than 30 CCCL permits from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in recent years in support of residential and commercial development as well as coastal structures (e.g. seawalls).  We oftentimes work closely with architects, developers, structural engineers, lawyers and other professionals on a team-based approach to procure such permits.

Storm Erosion Modeling

Storm erosion modeling is conducted by the ECE Team in support of residential and commercial development.  These studies are used to assess the vulnerability of upland homes and property, assessment of wave loads and potential scour and determination of the 100-year wave crest elevation to establish the Finished First Floor Elevation (FFE).  Coastal design support is provided to structural engineer’s responsible for the design of residential/commercial structures, pools, parking facilities, etc.



FEMA Flood Zone Re-Designation (LOMA/CLOMR/LOMR)

 The ECE Team has a history of successfully obtaining FEMA Flood Zone Re-Designations based upon site-specific wave modeling and coastal engineering assessment.  In addition, we provide design guidance to architects and structural engineers for the layout and elevations of new residential development based upon wave modeling and FEMA flood zone designations.

Stormwater and Drainage

Poor drainage and stormwater management can lead to unnecessary environmental health issues and flood damage.  From small-scale, single residential sites to larger subdivision/resort development sites, ECE integrates functional stormwater and drainage improvement designs with best management practices, demonstrating environmental stewardship.   

Dune Restoration

ECE specializes in assisting private landowners with dune reconstruction efforts to increase storm protection, facilitate beach access and enhance aesthetics for oceanfront property.  We have a long history in obtaining construction permits quickly for sand placement, re-vegetation, grading and construction of dune walkovers.

Expert Witness Testimony

Principal and Senior Engineers and Biologists are available to provide expert witness assessments and testimony for administrative hearings associated with coastal development. We have provided expert witness testimony in many Florida DOHA hearings related to CCCL permits and ECL hearings for beach nourishment projects as well as local government (County/City) public and zoning hearings.