Marinas & Waterfront Development

ECE’s team of professional engineers and project managers has extensive experience in the planning, design and development of marinas and waterfront resort development. We have provided such services to state-of-the art, high end marinas and resort areas throughout Florida and the Caribbean. For marina development projects, we provide a full range of services including marina planning and feasibility studies, marine structures, slip mix and marina layout development, numerical modeling, flushing studies, wave attenuation, dredging and so forth. For waterfront resort developments, our services include resort master planning, storm impact assessments, environmental impact assessments and design and permitting of project infrastructure components. Our waterfront resort development projects typically entail collaborating closely with and managing some of the world’s premier architects and engineers as well as stakeholders located in disparate geographical regions.

Dellis Cay Marina and Resort Development, Turks and Caicos Islands

ECE developed a Master Plan and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the development of a 562 acre waterfront development.  These multi-volume documents focused on master planning, economic analysis, environmental impact assessment and engineering design (civil infrastructure, coastal beach stabilization and marina development).  Construction of the development commenced in 2008.

Salt Cay Resort Development, Turks and Caicos Islands

The developer’s strategic mission is to create the first and best luxury resort in the Caribbean developed on a fully sustainable basis.  The development is slated to include a marina, hotel, residential villas, golf course, club house, ancillary facilities and infrastructure.  ECE developed the Master Plan document for this 1,500 acre resort development which included the management of a team of world class engineers and architects.

Water Cay Resort Development, Turks and Caicos Islands

This planned high end resort development includes an oceanfront beach restoration and stabilization (beach fill and groins), an inland marina beach (a pier, bulkhead, and groins), bungalow and pier structures, a canal to provide tidal connection to mangroves, a marina access channel, a boat access channel connecting the marina to an interior canal system, and dune enhancements.  ECE developed design documents including a development Master Plan and an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Blue Haven Marina and Resort Development, Turks and Caicos Islands

ECE has provided a variety of civil, coastal and environmental engineering, permitting and construction management services to a high end marina and resort.  Work components have included 80,000 CY dredging of the marina entrance channel, restoration of a 7,000 linear foot steel sheet pile bulkhead system, restoration of the resort’s pocket beach, marina infrastructure surveys and storm damage assessments, and so forth. 

Private Developer, St Lucia

Plans were developed for the creation of a recreational beach fronting a 132 acre resort development using beach compatible sand stabilized with a multiple coastal structures (groins and breakwaters).  In addition, ECE provided a design to improve drainage and stormwater retention areas to maximize the area of usable land for development.

Cooper Jack Marina, Turks and Caicos Islands

Cooper Jack Marina, constructed in 2004, is a 35 acre marina basin constructed to support a condominium development.  ECE provided engineering and permitting services inclusive of field studies, numerical modeling, shoreline stabilization, basin channel entrance design and an environmental impact assessment.

Manatee County Dock And Boat Ramp Improvements

ECE provided planning, design and permitting services for marine infrastructure improvements to dock facilities, boat ramps, seawalls as well as maintenance dredging for several public Manatee County Parks including Jiggs Landing, Kingfish and North Coquina.

Private Developer, Turks and Caicos

ECE is coordinating the masterplan development of a 9 acre site in the Turks and Caicos.  The development requires large scale cut/fill planning, marina and access channel feasibility and design and shoreline stabilization (e.g. bulkheads).  The project requires master planning coordination and management of a team of architects and engineers for the multi-phase and multi-component development.

Private Beach-Lagoon System, Turks and Caicos

A beach and lagoon system was engineered for a private low density tourist destination to create a recreational beach and ocean water access for the tourist guests.  The project’s design enhances biodiversity, aesthetics and function of the property and provides a unique landscape not found along this coastline.

Watersong Phase I and II Development, St. Lucie County, Florida

Since 2005, ECE has provided continuing coastal and environmental engineering services in support of a multi-phase single family oceanfront subdivision development in St. Lucie County.

Emerald Point Subdivision Canal Development, Turks and Caicos

Plans were developed for a 9-acre canal-front high, end residential subdivision inclusive of creation of a man-made canal (700 linear foot), installation of a vertical bulkhead to stabilize the shoreline and installation of residential docks thereby creating additional waterfront properties and enhancing the value of these lots.

South Caicos Channel, Turks and Caicos Islands

A study was conducted for the Turks and Caicos government to assess the feasibility of dredging a 30 mile navigation channel to provide direct access for large yachts directly from Providenciales, a major port of call for the TCI, to the lower Caribbean. The study included the assessment of the most suitable alignment in terms of navigation and geotechnical conditions. Preliminary geotechnical investigations (i.e. jet probes) were conducted to assess the feasibility of dredging (i.e. depth to rock) as well as the maximization of high quality sand volumes for sale.

Walkin Marina, Turks and Caicos Islands

This marina is used primarily by local charter fishing boats and inter-island ferries with vessels ranging from 18-36 ft LOA.  To maintain safe navigability and accommodate vessel requirements, the project involves maintenance dredging, post-storm reconstruction and expansion of a marina and 1.5 acre marina basin.  The marina houses floating docks, a concrete fuel dock, and boat ramp.

Lido Beach Hotel, Sarasota County, Florida

ECE provided coastal and civil engineering services for the development of the Lido Beach Hotel.  Services included storm erosion modeling and wave load computations for columns and pile foundation to support the hotel and underground garage.