Inlet Management & Navigation

ECE’s team of professional engineers, geologists and scientists has extensive experience in all aspects of inlet management, navigation and canal dredging projects. A key component to our success is the sustainable management of dredged sediment for multi-reuse purposes.

Our experience includes field investigations and data collection, coastal numerical computer modeling, planning and design, permitting and funding acquisition, environmental studies, public workshops and outreach, construction management and post-construction monitoring.

Mason Inlet Relocation Project

Mason Inlet was relocated 3,000 feet north with approximately 900,000 CY of sand dredged and placed along two miles of adjacent oceanfront beaches. The relocated inlet provides significant recreational benefits to boaters and beach users and has improved flushing in the interior estuary.

Midnight Pass Reopening Project

ECE conducted all coastal, civil, and geotechnical engineering services required to plan, design and permit the reopening of Midnight Pass, closed since 1983. The project calls for a total excavation of 525,000 CY of sand for placement along the adjacent beaches 

Blind Pass Restoration

The project, constructed in 2009, included the construction of a new inlet and interior tidal channel to reopen the pass which was closed in 1998 as a result of cross-sectional instabilities. The new and unique nature of this project was characterized by both a mixed sediment and large sediment separation containment area.

St Lucie Inlet Management Plan

An Inlet Management Plan was developed for St. Lucie Inlet which was adopted by the State of Florida in 1995, making it the first such plan to be adopted by the State. The Plan has served as a model for inlet management around the State.

Leeward Navigation Channel

ECE designed and permitted a project to dredge an inlet navigation channel to restore navigation with excavated beach quality sediment used to restore the adjacent downdrift beach. The navigation channel is designed to accommodate a full range of vessels, from small center console fishing boats to megayachts.

Port Royal Canal Dredging

The project was conducted for the City of Naples, Florida and includes the excavation of approximately 39,000 CY from seven distinct areas within a residential canal system. The excavated material is comprised of very fine sediments (silts and organics) requiring design consideration of special handling and dewatering techniques including the use of polymers, geotextile containers and a series of upland settling ponds.

Champney Bay Canal Dredging

ECE was engaged by a group of private homeowners to restore navigability within a 400 ft residential canal. Permitting was completed through FDEP and USACE and includes the excavation of 800 CY of sediment with upland, offsite disposal.

Water Cay Access Channel

Navigable waterway components of this project include a 12 ft deep marina/boat access channel, a canal to provide a tidal connection to mangroves, and a channel between the interior canal and marina access channel. Approximately 150,000 CY of material requires excavation to create the access channel. ECE designed and permitted a steel sheetpile wall and fender system to accommodate 5,000 ton barges and to provide for offloading and materials storage to support the construction of a 600 acre resort development.