Dellis Cay Beach Nourishment Project

Summary: Erickson Consulting Engineers, Inc. (ECE) was contracted to provide design, permitting and contract administration services for a beach restoration project at Dellis Cay to support the development of the 250-unit mixed-use development.

Key Project Elements:
  • Hydrographic and Beach Profile Surveys, and Biotic Mapping
  • Monitoring and Mitigation Plans
  • Process and Acquire all Regulatory Permits
  • Design and Permitting of a 100,000 CM Beach Nourishment Project
  • Analysis and Sand Source and Beachfill Design
  • Construction Administration Services
  • Post Hurricane Ike (2008) Storm and Beach Damage Assessment

The project plan and design are based on utilizing high-quality sand made available by the government’s navigation channel dredging project located at the adjacent inlet, and bypassing sand to this highly eroded shoreline. The project placed the beach quality portion of the dredge material on the west beach of Dellis Cay and lesser quality sediment’s containing limestone in a containment area.

Challenges: Identifying methods to remove small rocks through screening and post-placement sieving to utilize the high-quality sand on the downdrift beach, while simultaneously meeting the government’s prior contractual agreements to dredge the channel to dimensions that provide for a -16 ft design depth.

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