Blue Haven Bulkhead Assessment and Re-Coating, Turks and Caicos

Summary:  ECE obtained authorization to conduct bulkhead maintenance work at Blue Haven Marina along the Leeward Canals and Leeward Going Through.  The bulkhead system exhibited medium to severe corrosion whereby ECE developed a plan to sandblast and re-coat the system to extend the service life and aesthetics of the system.  Without maintenance intervention, the entire bulkhead, approximately 7,000 linear feet, was in danger of failing causing the destabilization of the shoreline, wherein an expensive replacement of the bulkhead would be the only alternative.  ECE completed an Environmental Impact Assessment to document potential for environmental impacts, namely chemical pollutants released to the water.  The work was completed in 2013.

Key Project Elements:

  • Evaluation of Sandblasting Methods to Remove Existing Rust
  • Application of High-Quality Marine Coating
  • Installation of Sacrificial Anodes to Further Protect the Investment
  • Acquired all Government Permits
  • Selection of Skilled Contractor
  • Evaluate Alternative Plans to Sandblasting/Recoating
  • Monitoring and Mitigation Plans
  • Full Environmental Oversight and Environmental Assessment
  • Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring (Chemical and Turbidity)

The bulkhead re-coating project consisted of two key components to remediate the deterioration of the bulkhead system: remove the surface rust by sandblasting and applying high-quality marine coating to the prepared surface above the waterline, and install sacrificial aluminum anodes below the waterline where re-coating is impractical.

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