FEMA Flood Zone Re-Designation (LOMA/CLOMR/LOMR)

Summary:  Erickson Consulting Engineers, Inc. (ECE) has extensive experience in storm erosion modeling in support of residential and commercial development design and permitting, dune/beach restoration design and permitting and coastal structures (e.g. seawalls) design and permitting.

Key Project Elements:

  • Wave modeling to assess candidacy of re-designation of FEMA flood zone (commonly from a “V” Zone to an “A” Zone)
  •  Procure FEMA Letter of Map Amendments (LOMAs) and Letter of Map Revisions (LOMRs)
  • Coastal Engineering Report in support of FEMA LOMA/LOMR including:
    • Description of study site physical features and location
    • Details of the existing flood hazard conditions
    • WHAFIS (FEMA’s wave model) calibration and input parameters
    • Engineering analysis to support the flood zone re-designation
    • Description of the re-zoning parameters
    • High quality color graphics to convey the technical information
  • Coordination with local agency flood plain managers in support of FEMA zone re-designations (i.e. County and/or City)
  • Assessment of the use of fill and/or vegetation in support of FEMA zone re-designations
  • Design guidance to the architect or structural engineer for the layout and elevations of new residential structures based on FEMA flood zone designations and wave modeling

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