Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) Permitting

Summary:  Erickson Consulting Engineers, Inc. (ECE) has extensive experience in permitting of residential, commercial and coastal structures development seaward of the State of Florida’s Coastal Construction Control Line  support of residential and commercial development design and permitting, dune/beach restoration design and permitting and coastal structures (e.g. seawalls) design and permitting.

Location:   Florida, Statewide

Project Types: 

  • Residential (single family homes, pools and accessory structures)
  • Commercial development (hotels, multi-parcel developments)
  • Coastal Structures (seawalls, geotextile container systems)
  • Dune Restoration
  • Stormwater/Drainage Improvement Systems

Key Project Elements:

  • Establishment of the Seaward Line of Construction and 30YR Erosion Projection Line in support of Coastal Development in accordance with Rule 62B-33, FAC.
  • High Frequency Storm Erosion Modeling to demonstrate structure vulnerability in support of coastal armoring (e.g. seawalls)
  • Low Frequency Storm Erosion Modeling to establish the 100YR wave crest elevations corresponding to the establishment of Finished First Floor Elevations (FFE) in accordance with Rule 62B-33, FAC. 
  • Structural Design basis for use by the Structural Engineer to include wave load and scour analysis (vertical columns, piles, etc.)
  • Establishment of the health of dune systems and the level of protection they afford to upland properties
  • Expert Witness Testimony for administrative hearings


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