Deertown Gully Drainage Improvements

Summary:  Erickson Consulting Engineers, Inc., (ECE) provided civil and coastal engineering services for design, engineering, permitting and construction documents for excavation of fine sediment and organic matter as well as the removal of exotic and debris vegetation.  The Deertown Gully outfall discharges directly to the Gulf once the water surface within the channel builds to a sufficient elevation to overtop the beach.  Deertown Gully is characterized by steep, sandy banks along its southern boundary resulting in downed trees and debris vegetation during high flow events through the channel.

Key Project Elements:

  • Core Borings and Geotechnical Analysis
  • Water Quality Testing and Analysis
  • Wetland Resource Mappping and UMAM Mitigation Assessment
  • Exotic and Debris Vegetation Removal
  • Sediment Excavation, Demucking and Dewatering Plan
  • Schedule of Quantities and Costs
  • Coastal Construction Control Line Permitting
  • State and Federal Environmental Resource Permitting
  • Construction Plans and Specifications

Challenges:  To expedite the permitting process to meet state funding deadlines, ECE coordinated closely between the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Southwest Florida Water Management District and the Army Corps of Engineers.  Further, as a result of the limited channel access, this project required significant public coordination and noticing of adjacent home owners to obtain construction access easements.

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