Private Developer, St Lucia Drainage Design

Summary: Erickson Consulting Engineers (ECE) is contracted to provide site drainage engineering planning, design, and permitting services for the 132 acre Resort Development located on the island of St. Lucia. ECE has developed a design to provide adequate drainage while maximizing the area of usable land for development.

Location: St. Lucia

Key Project Elements:

  • Project Planning
  • Site Drainage Analysis & Design
  • Acquisition of Regulatory Permits
  • Wetland Mapping

To achieve this objective the overland flooding that currently effects over 23% (30.5 acres) of the 132 acre site was reduced to 7.4 acres encompassing only the mangrove preservation area (5%). As a result, over 23 acres of previously wet and/or flood prone land may be recovered for development. The design provides (a) improvements to drainage and a stormwater retention area for flash floods that are typical high frequency, annual events and low frequency (15-30 yr return period) events; (b) protection for existing “unique” mangrove wetland; (c) cost effective construction by utilizing the existing drainage channels where appropriate, utilize onsite sources of fill material and recover the low lying swamp land, and minimizing truck haul distances for cut-fill activities; and (d) drainage conditions conducive to protecting sand from wash-out and adversely impacting beach restoration efforts fronting the property.

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