Salt Cay Island-Wide Habitat Mapping

Summary: Erickson Consulting Engineers, Inc. (ECE) developed a Master Plan and Environmental Impact Assessment while providing sustainable development activities that will improve the economy of the island. Multivolume documents were developed which focused on master planning, economic analysis, environmental impact assessment and engineering design (civil infrastructure, coastal beach stabilization, and marina development).

Key Project Elements:

  • Analysis of Environmental Sustainability Certification Programs
  • ADCP Field Investigations
  • Topographic and Hydrographic Surveys, Marine Mapping of Salinas, Terrestrial & Wetland Ecological Mapping and Marine & Terrestrial Mapping
  • Develop Environmental Impact Assessment Document
  • Masterplan Development Document
  • Develop Design Flood Elevations for Development Areas
  • Storm Induced Hurricane Surge and Wave Impact Analysis
  • Masterplan Analysis of Excavation Quantities
  • Excavation Quantities and Placement/Conveyance Analysis
  • Final Sand Management Plan
  • Coordinate Infrastructure/Utilities Plan Design for EIA and to Minimize Impacts


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