Flamingo Ditch Environmental Restoration

Summary: Erickson Consulting Engineers (ECE) provided civil and coastal engineering services to improve water quality and functionality of a 2.3 acre stormwater pond, which is the outfall of a 195 acre stormwater basin, located in the City of Venice, FL. Water quality testing historically showed high levels of fecal coliform and enterococci in the pond. In addition, nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient loads historically resulted in frequent algae blooms within the pond. The Project goal was to improve water quality within the pond.

The Project’s design requires the excavation of approximately 8,500 CY of fine sediment (i.e. organics/muck) from the pond and creation of a sediment sump to trap sediment and fine particles as they enter the pond, installation of a pond aeration system. Environmental restoration associated with the Project included the removal of exotic vegetation (approx 0.9 acres) which lines the shoreline as well as installation of biodegradable geomats and native vegetation to stabilize the shoreline.

Key Project Elements:

  • Water Quality Testing and Reporting 
  • Wetland Resource Mapping and UMAM Mitigation Assessment
  • Exotics/Coastal Vegetation Removal and Replacement
  • Sediment QA/QC Plan and Turbidity Control Plan
  • Grading and Site Drainage Plans
  • Schedule of Quantities and Costs with PM Schedules
  • State Sovereign Submerged Lands Lease Acquisition
  • Coastal Construction Control Line Permitting
  • State and Federal Environmental Resource Permitting
  • Construction Plans and Specifications

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