Casey Key Geotextile Container System, Sea Turtle Monitoring

Summary: Erickson Consulting Engineers, Inc. (ECE) is responsible for managing all design, permitting, engineering, construction and post-construction monitoring of a sloped geotextile container system and beach fill placement to protect 1,000 feet of upland property and reduce high frequency flood damage to upland development.

The Project, a prototype “first of its kind” system, was constructed in 2010. Following construction, ECE implemented a post-construction sea turtle monitoring program to record and assess all nesting activity within the project area and a designated control site to quantify adverse and/or beneficial impacts, if any, on nesting sea turtles resulting from the Project. The post-construction program also includes escarpment, beach profile / sand coverage and vegetation monitoring.

Key Project Elements:

  • Develop and Implement a Post-Construction Monitoring Program Meeting State and Federal Permit Requirements
  • Meet with County, State and Federal Agencies
  • Acquire all County, State and Federal Permits
  • Re-vegetation Plans and Design Using Native Plants
  • Environmental Resource Mapping
  • Develop and Implement a USFWS “Certified” Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) under Section 10 ESA
  • Sea Turtle Monitoring
  • Vegetation Monitoring
  • Beach Profile and Escarpment Monitoring
Result: Recently completing three years of performance and sea turtle monitoring in compliance with a USFWS certified Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP), the project is deemed a successful, sustainable shore protection system for at risk coastal development.

Number of Nests 16 35
False Crawls 16 51
Total Activities 32 86
Depredated 4 5
Number of Nests Successfully Hatched 8 13
Total Wash Out 4 14
Partially Inundated 6 30
Total of eggs hatched 638 1063
Total Eggs 1009 1682
Average Clutch Size 105.1 99.1
Average Hatchling Success 74.9% 67.1%
Average Emergence Success  71.5% 68.4%

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