Third Turtle Beach Restoration Project

Summary: Erickson Consulting Engineers, Inc. (ECE) planned and designed the beach restoration and enhancement project to restore the severely eroded beaches fronting the Atlantic Ocean by conducting a detailed bathymetric survey of the beaches and the interior marina basin, and develop a hydrodynamic model of Turtle Cove basin to determine the environmental impacts of changing the waterfront basin boundaries at the development site.

Location: Providenciales, TCI

Key Project Elements:

  • Conceptual Beach and Marina Planning and Design
  • Field Investigations (Biological, Hydrographic and Sand Source)
  • Hydrodynamic Modeling
  • Design, Permit and Engineer a Beach Restoration Project
  • Final Project Plans and Design and contract Documents
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Permit Acquisition
The work required identification of a beach quality sand source, structures to retain the placed sand and a management plan to address the sand deficits caused by mining and longshore sand flows at the channel entrance to Turtle Cove.

Modeling tidally induced flows for varying platforms and depths to assess the prospective improvements to circulation and flushing, and the effects of two proposed options to modify the existing geometry of the waterfront perimeter to accommodate new slip sizes, and to improve the dock layouts.

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