Indian River County Beach Preservation Plan

Summary: Ms. Erickson was responsible for the formulation of a financing plan in restoration of five beach segments (8.3 miles) along Indian River County’s critically eroding Atlantic Ocean beaches. Ms. Erickson served as the Project Director of the Beach Restoration Project’s for construction along Beach Sectors 1 and 7.

Key Project Elements:

  • Economic Analysis of Project Benefits along the County’s Five Shoreline Beaches
  • Offshore Sand Source Investigation
  • Numerical Modeling (Wave and Sediment Transport Dynamics)
  • Engineering Design Report
  • NEPA Environmental Assessment
  • Acquisition of State and Federal Regulatory Permits

Analyses of the economic benefits associated with storm and land loss prevention and recreational benefits were performed by the project team to determine the total project-related benefits. A project cost allocation plan was developed in accordance with benefits received by each sector of the community. A recommended financing plan was submitted with cost apportionment and a funding source allocation plan. Construction of the first beach nourishment segment was completed in April 2003. This segment, extending 2.5 miles of shoreline, was nourished with 536,000 cubic yards of sand placement and included a restored/vegetated dune feature.

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