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About Us

ECE is a coastal and marine engineering and consulting services firm. We provide services to municipal and governmental entities, industry, institutional and private investors, and engineering firms operating in coastal environments. Our projects are principally located in the southeast US and the Caribbean Islands, with a partner company and market in the Turks and Caicos Islands. With more than 25 years of experience in coastal, civil and environmental engineering, ECE understands the importance of preserving and maintaining beaches and shorefront properties.

ECE’s coastal and marine engineering practice is centered on designing, permitting and constructing projects to protect and stabilize beaches, improve inlet channels and marina/harbor entrances and controlling flooding and stormwater discharge to counter the effects of storm driven energy. Our firm’s engineering practices also include stormwater conveyance and offshore discharge, water quality improvements and sediment management and mitigation of degraded coastal systems through habitat creation and sustainable dredging.

ECE is known for a unique expertise in creative problem solving for challenging coastal problems and development, a strong understanding of the regulatory processes and an expertise in developing effective solutions for our clients’ challenging coastal problems. We are recognized by our clients for project solutions that are both innovative and sustainable, and for quality and superior performance in the constructed project. Our strategic understanding and approach to navigating the complex array of federal and state regulations governing coastal development, results in timely, effective solutions for our clients’ complex coastal projects. ECE is valued for project management, understanding of economics and costing and our practical business approach to their projects. We strongly support efforts to elevate sustainability as a strategic priority through projects that minimize negative environmental and social impacts while emphasizing long term value.

ECE is a State of Florida Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise and is certified as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) from the Small Business Administration.